Motel & Apartments
Multi-Story Apartment Print
  • The apartment modules have full structural self-supporting steel frames which allow them to be stacked on top of one another up to 5 high, to create a structurally solid, cyclone-proof building in record time.
  • They are fully carpeted, tiled and air-conditioned. They are wired with lights and power points and are plumbed with taps and bathroom fittings. The suites are complete with furniture, beds, bed linen and all guest accommodation suite fittings, complete with fridge cabinet in place, ready to be stocked.
  • An accommodation building can be constructed to any size from 12 to 300 rooms, as the system is completely flexible to expand suites upwards or sideways.
  • There is a choice of designs to suite such as reception, kiosk, recreational rooms, on-premise laundry etc.


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